You say hello, I say goodbye

I came, I saw, I… fell in love.

Usually after a trip you’re at least slightly happy to be back home, to get to sleep in your own bed again. Not this time. I left a sunny, 16°C London and arrived to a dark, rainy, gloomy 8°C Helsinki late last night. I was heartbroken. I got the distinct feeling that this city is not mine.

London was great. I avoided the touristy stuff as much as I could, I’ve never been a fan of crowds and buildings, no matter how famous, all look the same to me. Instead, I spent most of my time in northern London (Camden especially) and southern London (Wandsworth area).  The black metro line was definitely my best friend, taking me to both my favorite locations.

Since Gordon was in Los Angeles, I didn’t have much interest in looking for him or spending time in places where I might run into him. I walked past his restaurants but only ate at Maze Grill. It was lovely, of course, but the prices… Damn.  Not for me.

I did do one stalker-ish thing though. I jogged past his Spencer Park mansion at midnight. Luckily he lives down a very normal (albeit posh) street so it wasn’t too stalker-ish to jog there. What a house he has! I had to snap a quick photo despite there being lights on at the house (Tana had ran the marathon earlier that day so I knew she was in London and probably home at the time). It was only then that I felt really weird. Like I shouldn’t be there. So I left in a hurry. But I still have my photo!

I absolutely fell in love with London. If I can get time off work, I’m going back there in August. I can’t wait!


Where’s the love?

Gordon Ramsay in Hotel GB: 'I’m not going to sack anyone because of a pube.'

See the door there? Yeah? USE it, get the fuck out!

Some prude flagged one of my Gordon Ramsay butt videos on Youtube. Funnily enough only one was deemed offensive, the other four are still up… That video had almost 5000 views. Thanks a lot to the person who got it removed! Now I need to be super careful for six months or else my Youtube account will be suspended. Argh. It’s just a nekkid ass (and a HOT one at that), what’s so bad about that? Just wait until I Photoshop Gordon’s face on a nude male model…

I’m going to dig out the deleted video tomorrow and re-upload it to Youtube. The world needs to see Gordon Ramsay naked.It is now my mission in life to make sure people have access to footage of his sexy little bum.

Ireland & UK, I love you.


I’m kind of having a laugh over the search terms people have used to find my blog. I just got “gordon ramsay buttocks” and “gordon ramsay ass naked” probably from Ireland or the UK. I hope you guys found what you were looking for! Glorious, glorious Gordon Ramsay bum.

I haven’t been very active recently with the Ramsay-ness, apologies! It’s good I’m writing this today and not yesterday, because this is sadly not April Fools. I know some of you will kill me for this, but… I’ve kind of grown tired of it. There’s no real news right now, he’s just filming and living normal life. There’s nothing to write about! I hope that my London vacation will re-light the Ramsay spark, because this is getting quite alarming… Am I -gasp!- getting bored of him? NO! Impossible! It can’t be? …Can it?

I’ve also combined my two Twitter accounts into one. @iheartgordon is no more! (Well, it exists, but I don’t use it. I have it registered because I don’t want anyone stealing my name…) My real-life Twitter is @longingtobelong, which is the same account as @iheartgordon, I just changed the name. My Gordon Ramsay blog is still at

I’m really hoping I’ll see Gordon on my trip to London. I know seeing him would bring back the fan-ness in me. Cross your fingers, toes and any other appendages you might have for me!

This love won’t wash off


Who wouldn’t want this face on their body forever?

In February there was a big hubbub about this: Melissa Boyer got a tattoo of Gordon on her leg.


Well, damn.

That’s pretty crazy, right? Well, believe it or not, she’s not the only one to have etched Gordon on her skin for the rest of her life. Check out these crazy fans:





And of course, who could forget Mikey Termini from Hell’s Kitchen 7? He has said he’s proud of the tattoo despite getting booted off in the second episode of the season…


Does Gordon have tattoos? No. Though he has said he will get one after finishing his first Iron Man competition: to celebrate the occasion he will get the Iron Man logo tattooed on his… bum. I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of that so, so, SO MUCH! October 6th. Iron Man Hawaii. Mark your calendars.

Puppy love


I love dogs. Love, love, love, love them. They’re loyal, they never judge you, they never get bored of you. They’re the best friend anyone could ever have! To celebrate our furry friends, this post is dedicated to Rumpole and Romeo Ramsay!

Rumpole came into the Ramsay family around 2006. He’s an English Bulldog who was named after Rumpole of the Bailey. Rumpole is a friendly little fellow. He has reportedly humped Emma Bunton’s leg.

Gordon Ramsay’s fans may also recognize Rumpole from Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill’s union jack logo:


Romeo Ramsay is the baby of the family. According to legend, Victoria Beckham bought Romeo for David and the kids as a Christmas present in 2010. However, the Beckhams quickly realized that they can’t look after a dog with their hectic lifestyles and both of them traveling all the time, so they gave Romeo away to the Ramsays. Since David and Victoria’s son’s name is Romeo, I’m guessing the Ramsays re-named the dog when it became family. Or maybe the Beckhams named the dog after their son? We’ll never know.

What we do know is that these two dogs are the absolute apples of the Ramsays’ eyes. They’re pampered, loved and very well cared-for. Both the dogs have appeared on Gordon’s Twitter posts about a dozen times. And why not? They’re a-do-ra-ble!


Tana, Rumpole, Megan and Romeo


Megan, Holly and wee puppy Romeo


Jack and Rumpole


Rumpole posing like a boss


Romeo the baby

The Ramsays also have a cat named Theodora but… She’s a cat. So no photos of her 😀

London Homesick Blues


Maybe I’ll see Gordon and Romeo walking down the street… Hey, I can dream, right?

I printed my plane tickets today. I’m officially, certainly, absolutely going to London in one month. Oh em gee. Fabulous!

I’m starting to put together a list of places I want to go. Forget about all the typical sights and tourist attractions, I’m going to be walking in Gordon Ramsay’s steps my entire trip! The only things I have already set in stone are the London Marathon on April 21st and the reservation I have for Maze that same night. Other than that, I have one week to go see as many Ramsay-related places as I can.

Since I’m a bit of a nerd, I’ve created a Google Map of all the places I want to set foot in. That map is here. This might seem a bit creepy, but it’s going to come in very handy soon! Also, take this map and pair it with my Gordon Ramsay stalker calendar and you’ll be well on your way to meeting the man himself!

Any other places I should visit? I’m trying to figure out where JP lives because… Well, he’s hot. Do I need any other reason?

Get well soon!


As you all know, Gordon was supposed to run the LA Marathon today. Well, as it turned out, he didn’t. He tore his calf muscle a few weeks back while training and therefore was unable to partake. I was disappointed as hell, can’t imagine how he must have felt! To have trained all that time for naught… Hopefully he’ll put his training to good use and run the London Marathon next month, though. The fact that I’d get to see him there is, of course, a pleasant bonus. For me.

Here’s his press release:

“I am very sorry to announce that I am unable to take part in the LA Marathon due to an injury whilst training. I am, of course, very disappointed, but would like to thank you for your support and generosity to the UK Stem Cell Foundation. I will be matching the total amount of your donation with my own personal donation, and look forward to getting back to training for the next challenge.

Best wishes,

Gordon Ramsay”

Wait, what? “I will be matching the total amount of your donation with my own personal donation.” He raised £8,854.36. If he doubles that, he will have raised £17,708.72 for UKSCF. HO-LEE HELL. Awesome! Well done, Gordon!

I really hope he heals fast. Blow him some healing kisses, guys ❤